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How do I join the Verint Community?

Joining is easy. Just click the "Haven't registered yet?” link on the right hand side of your screen. Select your member type and click the Continue button. From there it is a matter of following the steps and completing the necessary fields. Depending on the member type you choose, your membership may need to be approved by an administrator. While waiting for approval, feel free to browse the rest of the site available to everyone.


Is this community part of the Verint Help Desk?

No. This site is not integrated into the Verint help desk. While you may find some beneficial information for other users about systems and uses, if you are having technical difficulties with any of the Verint products, please contact the appropriate help desk hotline. Here are links to the available options based on the product you have.


How do I log a Verint product trouble ticket?

Please visit the appropriate service and support site above to for guidance on logging or checking on a trouble ticket.


How do I join a group?

If you go to the Group menu option on the top menu you will see a number of group types listed that you can join. Simply review each and click the one you are interested in. You will be taken to that group's home page where you can click the Join Group link.

Alternatively you can click the Find Group option. You will be taken to a screen that lists all the available groups you are eligible to join (based on your member type). Click the Group name and you will see a listing of groups within that group type. Click the group name and you will be taken to that group's home page. From here you can click on the Join Group link. Depending on the group type, your request will either be approved automatically of sent to the group administrator for approval.


Is there a limit to the number of groups I can join?

No. Join as many as you like.


What is My Profile?

The My Profile section is your personal presence in the community. Here you can post a wide variety of items like photos, links, documents, etc and share those with others on the community. Your profile is where you see your feed list, your wall, and your bio tabs. Additionally you can have a number of Profile Pages that allow you to import a number of other content types like your favorite blog or news feed.

From the My Profile menu, you can manage your profile settings, access a full list of all the groups you are a member of, view the networks you are part of (like Facebook), import files and link you find helpful or would like to share with the community, build a favorites list of content, people, places in the community, send messages to other users in the community, build your own group of connections to other members of the community, and refer friends to come join the community.


What are the differences between the My Feeds and My Wall tabs?

You feed is a list of activities you have performed on the community. You wall is a chronological listing of postings you want to share.


What are Badges?

Badges are how we let people provide some additional insight into their professional and community experience. For a full listing of available badges click here or go to the Community Information menu option and select the Badges option.


How do I see my Badges or other member's Badges?

To see the Badges that have been awarded to you or other users, visit their profile page and select the Profile Pages link then select the Community Badges option.

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